Thursday, November 18, 2010

You say goodbye, and I say Carnegie Mello....

....n Entertainment Center. Got me one of them speaking gigs with Illustrator/ Cartoonist/ Painter Mark Sparacio at the Entertainment Center at Carnegie Mellon In Pittsburgh, PA. We talked about working/ living as an artist, successes, failures, but the main crux of the seminar was about the "art of the pitch". How to get your idea across succinctly. We had a blast, and everyone involved could not have been nicer! Win!

Didn't believe me? Fail. ;)

I'm in love with this place already, just because they spelled my name right. Off to the right of this, they had an electronic book with Ben Franklin on video. You could type in a million different questions into the "book" from all of the different word choices (Seriously! I asked him if he liked slavery, and "does you like turkey?"), and he had an answer for each combination. Well, until I get my hands on it full time! bwahahahasnurgle.... >:-D

My man Jim, who set this all up. Next to him is some bald guy.

Every floor had a lot of fun, colorful stuff. What a great looking place to work at! I am envious. That's Mark on the left!

Yeah.... I don't think this is a view i could get sick of...EVER. This looks like a painting, but it's not!
I'm not so sure this college is up to snuff. They bragged to me about how they got so many macs for so little. Now i know why! Good luck, kiddies!

That keyboard looks like it has hockey player mouth. A subliminal hint of a future yet to come??

"Warning! Warning, Will Robinson! Metal buttocks!"

"So you had a bad day..."

My middle name is Ben. Is that close enough??

From the actual film!

Now you know. He works security.

Some of the students heading over to the seminar I was a part of with Mark Sparacio

Ok, no wait. THESE were the students. But this was a previous seminar.

Went to see the Penguins afterwards. They won in my honor!

Truth be told, I couldn't have been more clueless about the game. Big ups to Mark for explaining it all to me. The fights though, were a no-brainer! ;p

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