Saturday, August 8, 2009

GM/ DC Comics Rush City (2006)

Apparently DC wasn’t happy with the original art for the online ad they had for the co-promoted book “Rush City”, that was GM’s new (at the time) Soltice. The book was about some guy’s kidnapped daughter Sam, and he drove the car for like 5 issues I think. Never read it! Anyhoo, I had to provide turnarounds for the car (there are opposite angles not posted), and then a car garage background that followed the car as it spun. (imagine a camera in the middle of the room as it pans a full 360) Um....Wha? I had no idea how to do that. THANK JEEBUS for Chris (Kim Possible, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Garfield movies) Bailey. He’s worked in animation for yrs, and we’re pals. So he thankfully walked me through the process and it worked like gangbusters. Thanks Chris!

Coloring all of these were a blast! This whole project rocked, and it paid really well. Get well soon, GM! ;)

Here’s the link to work.

Click on “schematics” once you get there!

Gillette Transformer (2008)

Starting out, this job was supposed to be more than 2 drawings. But either the budget wasn’t there, or they weren’t sure this was the direction they wanted to go. Either way, my poor pal (who got me the gig) had to do the transformation with only these 2 drawings. I’ll still never know how he pulled that one out of his ass! I wish the economy was better, because these jobs always pay well, and they’re usually fun.