Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiger tiger, burning bright

Auction piece for Art for Animals: A Fundraiser for S.A.V.E Animal Rescue

inks by fellow animal lover Mike Manley! art direction by Mike's cat Cornwell. He had a full day.

Every time I visit my pal Mike, his cats (Fetchin on the left, Cornwell on the right) hop on my lap when I work. Sometimes to the detriment of the work. But screw it. I love it!

Cornwell decided he needed to oversee the piece Mike and I were working on for the "Art for Animals" fundraiser Dec 3rd, 2010. Or maybe he felt he was looking in the mirror? Either way....

As most artists know, sometimes you need to look at the art upside down. Cornwell gave his $.02, and thankfully no changes were made.

He then hopped over to Mike's desk to see how the inking was going. With that going well, he could spend his time on other things. Like looking at wires.

After a long day of work, Cornwell took his nap on my leg as we watched some tv.

The End.

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