Thursday, January 1, 2009

20 years, or 20 minutes?

I'm currently drawing #17 of Army of Darkness, part 4 of the "Hellbillies and Deadnecks" storyline. I mention this because, well, I WANT YOU TO PICK IT UP! However, i wanted to describe something new to my process. I’m building things in Illustrator to place into the art. For one, siding on a cabin I’ve been drawing. The cabin is actually my grandfather’s, and my cousin David uses it to hunt. He sent me photo ref of it, both inside and out, and it’s some great stuff! But to draw the siding would just take forever, and drawing this as cleanly as possible, it would just be mess of blue and hb pencil getting it all measured out and drawn. So I just made the same shape in Illustrator, put it all together, then pasted it in Photoshop from Illustrator, and used the transform option under “edit” called “distort” to place the siding in at the perspectives I needed.

I used this process again for #17. I needed to have the character standing on the scaffolding, but to do so when the art would just be in pencil seems like another messy nightmare I’d like to avoid. Also, I think this aids the colorist, because now he doesn’t have to try and figure out what lines were drawn in for what in the background. And I left it on a separate layer to make the process easier for him.



The same can be said not only for using Illustrator, but for laying out the black placement on each pg. Once I’ve fully drawn a pg, I’ll scan it in, and add a layer in Photoshop so that I can just quickly lay out the black. If something in the design isn’t working, I can quickly erase it. No harm done to the actual work. Here’s how this pg looked in the process:

After I’ve done that, I’ll then sit in front of my screen with a board leaning on my cintiq tablet, and draw in all the shapes where the black goes. And yes, suicide does enter my mind at those times!


Kelly said...

I like your versions of the cabin more. I think it helped make the place look bigger with slightly less detail. You see the dynamics nicely that way as well I think. Enough great detail to delight but not distract. Still not sure what you're talking about with Illustrator though. I'm a Photoshopper. Illustrator confounds me. But then, so does the latest version of Word.

Clearly I need to update my blog here. Fall of '06 was the last time I tried anything with it. It was a different world for me back then. My new year's res is to make things better for myself--eat healthier, do yoga (it can be done anywhere!), and like Manley, avoid the a$$holes. Perhaps I should update now that I have a bunch of scans and such.

Great work (as usual)--have fun with the new blog!!

I should send you a few images of your day at UArts....

Kelly said...

I take that back--you have every bit as much detail as the original, but it's so cleanly done! Now I get what you did in Illustrator--put in the basic shape, then drew in the details. Pretty freaking cool the way that worked out. You have far more patience than I could ever muster. How long DID that take?!

Scott Cohn said...

"put in the basic shape, then drew in the details."

hi kelly! happy new year! yeah, manley talked me into this! well see if he's right... ;)

now, drew in the details? i think i may have confused you. i drew the pg, cabin and all, and left the siding area blank (like the scaffold pg). in illustrator, i make the shape once (already preset by them), and then just stack them to make the siding. then i copy them when they're grouped together, go into PS and paste. then adjust to fit each perspective. no extra drawing. and it only takes about 20 mins or less, depending on the angle.

if there are any details, like the 2 boards on top of the siding, i just erase that section of the siding, along with all the snowflakes. it sounds tedious, but it's really not.

amen on the a$$holes!

yes! please do send some images! thanks!

Kelly said...

Yeah, well, never let it be said that I am NOT easily confused.

Images should be on their way to you (somehow) tomorrow or Sun. I'll try putting them on my blog. You can grab them from there if you want, right?

Scott Cohn said...

whatever is easiest!

without seeing what i'm doing, it's easy to get confused i think. like you explaining how to work things on the camera. i just wouldn't get it without watching you do it. and even then... ha!

Kelly said...

I have posted those images as promised. Good thing I did not promise they were good. It took a couple of posts to get them all up, but there's a description of the assignment in the last (which was really the first) post. It is my disclaimer for the not so great images.