Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cover redo- X-Factor #52


Bink MMX said...

I'm saying this despite my demonstrated incompetence with superheroes...

Your piece benefits from your better drafting and anatomy and color and from the better costume on Angel. Graphically, the mockup aspect is convincing and great-looking.

Liefeld did strong silhouettes, but the poses are each twins-y, the torsos stiff and not twisting, and the action unclear, because there's no thought to line of action, much less one line crashing into another. You could say all the same of every George Perez drawing ever and it didn't seem to hurt his career, but asymmetrical poses and line of action are devices too powerful to pass up, sez me.

In his laziness, Liefeld made Angel's wings a confusion, missing their potential to frame or direct the eye with their long vanes.

These faults survive into your drawing, plus it has Sabretooth's leg snuck in behind Angel where the wings would have to connect and their two poses may even have become more similar to each other.

But you strengthened Sabretooth's attack a lot by giving his slashing action a stronger silhouette, getting his claws out where they show and look threatening


Scott Cohn said...

d'oh! i noticed sabretooth's leg after-the-fact. one of those thinking too hard moments. was more focused on sabretooth being a second away from deathgrip wrapping his legs around archangel. i was kicking myself when i saw that i had done that. i may go back to it and remove. i felt they were too far away from each other to really feel THAT threatening.

thanks for the insightful crit. as far as i think i've come, there's ALWAYS room for improvement. i zigged when i should've zagged on some of this.