Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tales of the TMNT #...? the sequel that never happened (2006)

Unfortunately, this issue never got to be finished. At the time, there was no set due date, I was busy with other freelance as well, and then another editor came onto the book and they decided on a different direction. A shame really.


Daniel Schwarz said...

Hey Scott,

I had the pleasure of meeting you and Mike Manley at Wizard Con in Philly 2 years ago where I told you that I hoped you would get a chance to do another issue of Tales of the TMNT. I'm sorry that you didn't get that chance.

I will continue to treasure my signed issues of Tales 3,4,11,22, and who knows... maybe you will get to do some more turtles with whoever starts printing them in the future?

Best of luck with everything!

Mark Pellegrini said...

Fantastic-looking work, man.

I always considered the unresolved plotline from Tales #22 to be one of the biggest disappointments from the Tales of the TMNT series. From what I've read of Ross May's plot line and now what I've seen of your art, it was going to be something really cool.

All a moot point now, I suppose, what with Tales being cancelled and Viacom owning the TMNT, but it's still a bummer we never got the rest of the storyline.

Scott Cohn said...


thanks for the kind words, fellas! i did this 3 yrs ago, but looking at it, i'm still really proud of it. and i couldn't wait for sean parsons to ink me again. i'd be happy to finish it if they were down with that. if ross wants to re-pitch it the new heads, i'm def down.

well, like i said, not all of the blame lies with mirage. but that's the freelance life sometimes!